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Ice Production

Ice production and storage equipment:

At Cold Fusion Mechanical we take ice machine service very seriously, in fact you could say a “spotless-clean” ice maker is one of our many passions.

Understanding the importance of cleanliness in an ice machine is paramount, from its operation to the health and safety of the patrons using it, we clean and sanitize your ice machines and storage bins to uncompromising standards and never cut corners for time sake!

Being experienced with many different brands and types of machines and their storage bins gives us the edge and insight into proper service and maintenance…because it matters!




Commercial ice is deemed so because of the clear cube that is made, this is the distinction and is achieved through the minerals in the water being rejected during the freeze process when water is cascading over the cold evaporator, that’s why the “residential” ice makers’ cube will be cloudy and not clear, because the water being frozen is not being circulated.
That is why it’s so important to have your ice machine cleaned thoroughly on a quarterly basis and water filter quality checked at every interval.

Commercially produced and distributed ice is also considered by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health to be a food product and therefore ice machines and storage bins are subject to random inspections by the County!

We install, service, repair and maintain almost every make and model of ice machine out there, brands like:

and many more!

We can offer preventive maintenance agreements for cleaning and maintenance, reactive repairs, emergency repairs, water filtration and installing new equipment if needed.

If you’re in need of ice machine cleaning, service or just need a second opinion look no further than the experts at Cold Fusion Mechanical!

Keeping Arizona's Ice Clean and Clear

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